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Bills of Costs & Costs Statements

Blackstone works for law firms.

We align ourselves with our clients’ own interests in terms of cost recovery and cost objectives.

Costs Statements (as they are known in Queensland) and Bills of Costs (as they are generally known elsewhere throughout Australia) are required to set out details of costs sought with sufficient information to enable a costs assessor or taxing master to form a view as to the reasonableness of costs claimed without having to resort to underlying documents in the proceedings.

Hence, inclusion of just the right amount of information becomes something of an art – too much information makes preparation of a Bill of Costs or Costs Statement and their consideration on taxation or assessment expensive and cumbersome, whilst too little information usually leads to the disallowance of costs, with attendances disallowed on relevance grounds or because costs claimed appear to be excessive for the work carried out as described.

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