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Do you have a costs order

Blackstone works for law firms.

We align ourselves with our clients’ own interests in terms of cost recovery and cost objectives.

Do you know what your costs are really worth on a party/party basis?

Most of our clients underestimate what their file is worth, costing their own clients fees recoverable on a fair and reasonable basis.

Others have unrealistically high expectations, in which case they may be jeopardising a sensible settled outcome for their clients.

If you have obtained a costs order on behalf of your client we recommend you send your entire file to a legal costs specialist firm, like Blackstone Legal Costing, with a simple letter of instructions requesting your client’s costs be recovered. We take over from there.

What should you send with your file? In short, everything:

A costs lawyer requires the whole file, including:
Your costs agreement and disclosure documents
Briefs to Counsel
Attendance/file notes
Subpoenaed documents
Disbursement/Outlay invoices
Counsel’s fee slips
Expert reports – including those relied upon and those unserved
Court documents
WIP ledger (if maintained)

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