CLE Programmes

We regularly host CLE events in Sydney and Melbourne that help you make sense of the legal costing landscape. Some of our most popular topics include:

  • Tips to capture all of your party/party entitlements
  • Time recording and effective file management
  • Security for Costs Applications
  • Counsels fees – a solicitor’s duty of disclosure and the recovery of Counsel’s fees
  • Recovery of expert witness expenses
  • Recent developments – Calderbank offers and Offers of Compromise
  • How to best manage a file from a costs perspective
  • Managing the relationship with clerks, paralegals and personal assistants
  • How to reduce the gap between party/party and solicitor/client recovery
  • Briefing Counsel
  • The importance of properly instructing
  • Recovery of Counsel’s fees – details needed
  • Most common orders
  • How to ensure the appropriate orders are obtained
  • A solicitor’s obligations under the Legal Profession Act
  • Fulfilling the disclosure requirements

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