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Legal Cost Budgeting

Blackstone works for law firms.

Aligns itself with our client’s own objections in terms of cost recovery, interests and objectives.

A recent phenomenon in Australia is the rise of legal costs budgeting. With its origins in the United Kingdom, where Lord Jackson’s reforms to the legal costs regime promoted budgeting of costs in every litigated matter, we are now routinely seeing Courts here direct parties to file evidence at a relatively early stage of proceedings setting out the anticipated costs of proceedings.

Clearly, this has significant benefits to parties in litigation, enabling all involved to have a clear understanding about the possible costs consequences of proceeding with prosecution or defence of an action.

With several years’ experience assisting legal funders with budgeting litigation they are considering to finance, and with two decades of experience providing evidence in support of, or opposing, security for costs applications, Blackstone Legal Costing is uniquely placed to assist you when your client is directed to file a legal costs budget as part of their responsibilities to the Court.

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