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Legal Costs Management

Blackstone Legal Costing services large corporate and government clients, managing fees paid to panels of Defendant law firms for work undertaken in all types of litigation. The process is managed through our bill review program called Legal Costs Management (LCM).

LCM's scrutiny of legal fees helps to ensure only fair fees are paid for services provided, but does so in a way in which vital relationships between corporate and government clients and their providers of legal services are nurtured, acknowledging the essential role of those providers whilst also managing legal spend in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Put simply, the LCM program works because it brings together all key elements needed to properly manage your legal spend:

  • Capacity
  • Expertise
  • Sensitivity
  • Savings

The LCM program capitalises on Blackstone's decades of legal costing experience to dissect panel firms' legal bills and to challenge any excessive or unjustified fees.

When you choose LCM, your organisation will have a single streamlined process for reviewing bills - one that is effective, proven and easy to implement. LCM also reduces the burden on your organisation's internal legal resources, with minimal disruption and little or no set up costs, and creates lasting cultural change in billing practices.

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About Us

William Blackstone fundamentally changed the way law was studied and practised. We're doing the same for legal costing.

Before the first volume of Blackstone's Commentaries on the Law of England was published, people often thought the common law was unruly and incoherent.

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