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ACT solicitor/client costs: A client's complaint to the Law Society can operate to stay a costs assessment proceeding!

 Nicholl & Co Pty Ltd v Turner &Anor [2015] ACTSC 42 (3 March 2015) Whilst this matter was resolved in March 2015, the related law remains unchanged in 2016, with important consequences .....

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Can a determination of a separate question in a proceeding trigger a costs order on the ordinary basis?

Solarus Projects Pty Ltd v Vero Insurance (No 9) [2015] NSWSC 503 (7 May 2015)  Facts   The status of Solarus Projects Pty Ltd's (“Solarus”) as an 'insured' was decided by Jus .....

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Security for Costs

  Can Security for Costs orders be made against Defendants? Rule 42.21 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 refers to the power of the Court to order a “Plaintiff” to give secu .....

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Litigant in person

   Litigant in person   Are self-represented litigants entitled to professional costs for work done by himself or herself and disbursements?   The general principle establishe .....

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About Us

William Blackstone fundamentally changed the way law was studied and practised. We're doing the same for legal costing.

Before the first volume of Blackstone's Commentaries on the Law of England was published, people often thought the common law was unruly and incoherent.

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