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At Blackstone we consider ourselves partners not just providers. Whether working to recover legal costs for a successful litigant, or ensuring only appropriate costs are paid by an unsuccessful litigant, your costs are our first priority.

With specialist solicitors in each of our Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne CBD offices, we are dedicated to providing you with the best advice, and can assist with all aspects of party/party costs recovery including mediations, security for costs applications, gross sum applications and all aspects of legal costs disputes.

Put simply, your costs are our priority.

Our Services


Our short form and detailed costs assessments provide certainty to our clients in mediated disputes to assist in meeting their own disclosure obligations, and negotiating and achieving best outcomes in ‘plus-costs’ settlements.

Bill of Costs/Cost Settlements

Our expert costs lawyers and consultants are across all relevant legislation, scales of costs and case law to ensure your entitlements are fully captured in an itemised bill.


Resolving a disagreement about costs on the best commercial basis often means keeping it out of court. We pride ourselves on being tenacious and effective negotiators as well as great advocates.


Our office prepares short-form and detailed notices of objections in response to bills of costs. Our submissions in response to a notice of objections further enable you to robustly defend your own bill.


Our costs lawyers are experts in representing you in even the most difficult costs-related cases. We frequently appear in court-appointed mediations and informal settlement conferences.

Taxation/Costs Assessments

Whether you are challenging or defending a bill of costs, when you engage Blackstone you can be confident you have the best possible representation at taxation or costs assessments.

Expert Reports

We have accredited specialists who prepare expert reports and appear as expert witnesses in all relevant jurisdictions on security for costs and gross sum costs applications, and in major class action litigation.

Contact us

Our customer service team is happy to help with any questions or requests. Call us on +61 (3) 9606 0027 or send us a message with the form below.