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August 2017

Blackstone Brief - Volume 3

Blackstone Brief - Volume 3

In this month's edition, our Sydney Associate, Dipal Prasad, takes a look at the outcome of a recent Federal Court decision regarding indemnity costs and Calderbank…

admin August 27, 2017

Setting aside costs orders: Does UCPR r 36.16(3) give the court power to set aside a costs order which has been entered?

UCPR r 36.16 (3)is reiterated below: (3) In addition to its powers under subrules (1) and (2), the court may set aside or vary any judgment or order except so…

admin August 15, 2017

Blackstone Brief - Volume 2

Can you withdraw and substitute a Bill of Costs? Our guide to when - and how - it can be done   Withdrawing and substituting a Bill of Costs isn’t something…

admin August 1, 2017