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Assessing costs, whether party/party or solicitor/client, often seems uncertain and hard to predict. It can be difficult to understand what you can and can’t recover. When you engage Blackstone, you will receive accurate and timely advice to recover everything you possibly can. At Blackstone we apply a rigorous and analytical approach to costs assessment to ensure maximum costs capture. We’re experts in both short form costs assessments and Court appointed costs assessments. We frequently provide short form assessments prior to settlement conferences/mediation to assist our clients by providing an estimate of the likely party/party recovery should the matter resolve. This enables practitioners to consider whether a plus costs or “all in” settlement is most suitable. No matter whether you’re a personal injury or commercial lawyer, a litigator or a transactional lawyer, getting the most out of the costs assessing process means being detailed and methodical about capturing costs as you incur them. This can provide alternatives to waiting until after a matter is finalised before costs are considered.

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