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Setting aside costs orders: Does UCPR r 36.16(3) give the court power to set aside a costs order which has been entered?

UCPR r 36.16 (3)is reiterated below: (3) In addition to its powers under subrules (1) and (2), the court may set aside or vary any judgment or order except so…

BStoneAdmin August 15, 2017

Federal Court: Revised Guide to Discretionary Items in Bills of Costs to take effect from 1 October 2014

The Federal Court Scale of Costs under Schedule 3 of the Federal Court Rules 2011 (Cth) (“FCR”) refers to several items in relation to which a Taxing Officer…

BStoneAdmin October 1, 2014

Is the Model Broken? Regulation and Assessment of Legal Costs in New South Wales

Is the Model Broken? Regulation and Assessment of Legal Costs in New South Wales Mark Brabazon SC I am honoured to be asked by Blackstone Legal Costing to give…

BStoneAdmin July 5, 2014

Requesting itemised Bill of Costs: Effect of Firth v Yang [2014] NSWCA 92

Even if a client or third party payer does not have an entitlement under s 350 of the Legal Profession Act 2004 (NSW) (“the Act”) to have a bill assessed…

BStoneAdmin May 24, 2014

Outcome of the Review of the Costs Assessment Scheme in NSW

On 21 May 2014 the Honourable Chief Justice Bathurst of the Supreme Court of New South Wales announced his final recommendations arising from the Review of the…

BStoneAdmin May 21, 2014

What wording in a costs order is required to ensure costs are not taxed via the Federal Court, but under the jurisdiction of a state or territory under Part 40 of the Federal Court Rules 2011?

Hypoct Pty Ltd v Mesh & Bar Pty Ltd  FCA 207 (12 March 2013) Justice Edmonds The Applicant, Hypoct Pty Ltd, had sought to rely on a costs order obtained…

BStoneAdmin March 21, 2014

An example of when the Federal Court awards costs on a lump sum basis

Bayley & Associates Pty Ltd v DBR Australia Pty Ltd  FCA 346 (4 April 2014) is a recent case in which our own costs lawyer, Mike Dudman, provided expert…

BStoneAdmin February 28, 2014

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