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Blackstone Brief Volume 13

In this month’s Blackstone Brief one of our stellar Sydney paralegals, Fiona Trime, takes a close look at the recent case of Wiltshire v Amos & Anor, a recent…

admin August 13, 2019

Blackstone Brief Volume 12

Joe Rose, a UK Costs Lawyer, has joined Blackstone’s Sydney office following 4 years managing the London office of an affiliated UK costing firm, Partners in…

admin July 12, 2019
Blackstone Brief Volume 11

Blackstone Brief Volume 11

Conditional Costs Agreements - Uplift Fee Essentials. In this article one of our Melbourne Associates, Chris Grisenti, reviews two cases relating to the specific…

admin October 3, 2018
Blackstone Brief Volume 10

Blackstone Brief Volume 10

Litigation funders advance money to a plaintiff or class of plaintiffs to cover their legal costs in exchange for a percentage of any judgment sum obtained or settlement…

admin July 18, 2018
Blackstone Brief Volume 9

Blackstone Brief Volume 9

Gross Sum Applications - Case Law Hot Off the Press! Applications for assessment on a gross sum basis are becoming a more popular instrument in dealing with costs…

admin May 16, 2018
Blackstone Brief Volume 8

Blackstone Brief Volume 8

How are costs assessed in your State? A practical guide to assessing costs in Victoria, NSW and Queensland. Happy New Year! To kick off 2018 we thought we’d show…

admin February 2, 2018
Blackstone Brief Volume 7

Blackstone Brief Volume 7

How does the costs process work in your State? The costs jurisdiction in every State works differently. As 2017 comes to an end, we thought it was the perfect…

admin January 9, 2018
Blackstone Brief Volume 6

Blackstone Brief Volume 6

How are costs calculated in your state? Our guide to applying for costs in NSW, Queensland and Victoria In each jurisdiction that we practice in – NSW, Queensland…

admin November 24, 2017

The indemnity principle, unmasked

The indemnity principle, unmasked. The practical implications explained in two cases. In this month's edition Chris Grisenti, an associate solicitor in our Melbourne…

admin October 27, 2017

Blackstone Brief - Volume 4

Taking over a matter from another firm? Here's why you should always put your terms in your own writing. When your firm takes over a matter from another firm, you…

admin October 6, 2017
Blackstone Brief - Volume 3

Blackstone Brief - Volume 3

In this month's edition, our Sydney Associate, Dipal Prasad, takes a look at the outcome of a recent Federal Court decision regarding indemnity costs and Calderbank…

admin August 27, 2017

Blackstone Brief - Volume 2

Can you withdraw and substitute a Bill of Costs? Our guide to when - and how - it can be done   Withdrawing and substituting a Bill of Costs isn’t something…

admin August 1, 2017

Blackstone Brief - Volume 1

Welcome to the inaugural Blackstone's Brief - our monthly eNewsletter. We hope you gain some valuable insights from our experience in legal costing, which we will…

admin July 31, 2017

Can a determination of a separate question in a proceeding trigger a costs order on the ordinary basis?

Solarus Projects Pty Ltd v Vero Insurance (No 9) NSWSC 503 (7 May 2015)  Facts The status of Solarus Projects Pty Ltd's (“Solarus”) as an 'insured' was…

admin August 18, 2016

ACT solicitor/client costs: A client's complaint to the Law Society can operate to stay a costs assessment proceeding!

 Nicholl & Co Pty Ltd v Turner &Anor ACTSC 42 (3 March 2015) Whilst this matter was resolved in March 2015, the related law remains unchanged in 2016,…

admin August 18, 2016
Security for Costs

Security for Costs

Can Security for Costs orders be made against Defendants? Rule 42.21 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 refers to the power of the Court to order a “Plaintiff”…

admin September 1, 2014